The Truth About Roses

5 Reasons Roses Show Someone You Love Them

1. Symbolism

Roses communicate love. Regardless of the complexities of life and human relationships, beautiful, delicate roses are a sure way to tell them you love them. The different colors and variations of roses are said to communicate different meanings. Whether you are expressing romantic love with red roses, or thanking someone you love with pink or orange roses, roses are a sure way to show just how much you love them. The delicate petals and aromatic scent invoke feelings of love and tranquility, something our fast-paced world doesn’t supply us easily.

2. Greek Mythology

Aphrodite, the goddess of love, is said to have influenced the true meaning of roses. After rose bushes grew through her tears and her lover’s blood, Aphrodite kept and recognized the rose as a symbol of love and beauty. If Aphrodite herself recognized the rose as a symbol of love, that special someone in your life is sure to as well. If expressing romantic love is what you’re after, the red rose was given its color by Aphrodite, making the language of love unavoidable (p.s. roses are said to have the characteristics of an aphrodisiac).

3. Victorian Romance

In the 1800s, the Victorians developed the language of flowers (see symbolism above), and reinforced roses as symbols of love. At the time, people were still wary of publicly expressing feelings and emotions. Gifting roses, however, was a subtle way of expressing true love. Today, roses are a simple way to show someone you love them regardless of how much you say it.

4. Lingering Reminder

Ecuadorian roses, in particular, are known to be long lasting. With proper care, that special someone in your life can put their roses in a vase and have a visual, constant reminder of your love for them for an extended period of time. Whether on the counter, or on the dining room table, your special someone is sure to put them in a place for all to see. With that lingering reminder, they’re sure to find happiness and love in the sheer beauty of the roses and the meaning behind them.

5. Reflection

Have you ever heard the phrase “stop and smell the roses?” Whoever you are choosing to express your love to, they are sure to see (and smell) the roses and reflect on their relationship with you. Roses communicate love from all angles. Not only do they communicate love to the person receiving them, the person who gave them is likely to feel a sense of love and fulfillment. They would’ve had to feel strongly in order to give a gift with such a depth of meaning. In that manner, roses also communicate to ourselves the reflection on our lives and why we feel the way we do for that person whether it’s a friend, relative, or lover.

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